Google’s new Camera Hat Patent- Google glass lives on?

Google’s Camera Hat Patent has rekindled the “Wearables” buzz. Wearables have recently become one of the more fascinating members of the tech universe, albeit without much penetration. Almost every leading OEM has its representative in the currently tiny smartwatch market. There have been valiant attempts at pushing the wearables envelope with products like the super-hyped google glass and even very recently Snapchat’s Spectacles. These advancements are relevant to the photography world as they deeply affect the way we take and share pictures. Cellphone cameras changed the way the masses use cameras and even share pictures. How cameras on wearables shape the future will be interesting to see.

Snap’s associated filings from its recent public offering indicate that it has significant hopes from its wearable spectacles in 2017. The first iteration of Snapchat’s Spectacle released back in September, 2016 was able to generate a lot of hype.

The wearables revolution is far from over, and Google is preparing for the battles to come.

The Patent

A recent patent from google shows a camera and a microphone fixed to a baseball cap. This does not give away a lot from google’s bag of tricks for the future of wearables, but it sure excites enthusiasts and tech nerds alike. In case you want all the technical details, you can find them here.

From what we make of the patent, this is possible a step in the direction of the next google glass. It might not necessarily be called that, (and hopefully sees better luck) but will definitely draw its lineage from the glass.

The way Cameras on Wearables will change the mass consumer market’s habits of Photography is an important topic of discussion. As of now, we have tiny bits from patents like Google’s Camera Hat Patent and micro steps from innovative companies like Snap Inc.

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Google's Camera Hat Patent